September 28 Saltwater Fishing Report

Like most of the summer fishing has been hot and cold this September. Orcas have continued to make their presence felt and have affected the consistency of the fishing. As we close out the month our two main areas for fishing are the South Arm of the Fraser River and the mouth of the Capilano River. The salmon are coming through in waves as they head up these rivers. Usually the flood tide is most consistent as it seems to draw the fish into the area without having to fight the flow of the river. Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to see waves of coho, chinook and chum salmon arrive on their migration into the rivers.
Our best bait has been anchovies, we have also been using herring as well. Sometimes the salmon can be quite picky at this stage of their lifecycle as they have stopped feeding and are snapping at what travels past them. If something isn’t working then changing up the colour of the flasher or teaser head may make the difference. Changing gear before the bite comes on may work against you as the fish come in waves and lines in the water gets the best results.
On out good days we are hooking 2-3 salmon per hour and on slow days less than one an hour. At this time of year its all about putting the time in and being ready for when it does come on. Lots of times the bite has been lasting from one to two hours as a wave of migrating salmon makes their way through. Our two biggest fish were landed last week 28 & 281/2 pounds. We’ve also had lots of coho over 10 pounds in the mix as well.
Good fishing days will be fewer as most of the salmon have returned to the rivers to spawn. Over the next three weeks we will continue our efforts targeting chinook, coho and chum as they make their way into the local rivers. We will keep going on charters until October 21st. After that we will go into vacation and maintenance mode for about six weeks until the first of the resident Chinook make their way into Howe Sound.
During the winter months we will be offering a 7 hour fishing, crabbing, prawning special for $600 for two people from December 1st through March 31st. Our boat has a full enclosed and heated cabin that will provide all the warmth you need to reel in the feeding chinook salmon. Check the specials page on our website for more details. This is an exciting fishery as the salmon are aggressively feeding in cold water and this makes for some pretty exciting action.
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August 10.2016 Fishing Report

The salmon fishing locally has been good for big coho and challenging at the same time. The salmon are there there one day and gone the next. There have been some really large coho off West Vancouver and off the Bell Bouy on the Point Grey side. Our largest to date is a 10lb hatchery coho. Our average size coho is 5lbs. 
We have seen the coho start to stack up on the West Vancouver only to have the Orca’s show up two days in a row to have a feed. We have been seeing a large amount of herring and anchovy in the area as well. Many of these coho seem to be choosing to stay out in the gulf and feed longer prior to moving into Burrard Inlet. Our most successful set up for coho has been anchovy with a green glow teaser head.
Chinook fishing on the Vancouver Island side has been really good over the past three weeks. On our 7-10 hour trips we are running across when weather permits. We are hooking up 4-8 Chinook per trip between 15 and 25 pounds. Most of these fish are being caught close to bottom in about 200 feet of water. Hootchies with a uv/glow flasher have been working best. Our most productive hootchie has been the green/glow splatter with a uv/glow skirt.
Looking forward, expect the mouth of the Fraser River to get going any day as the migrating Chinook salmon stop to have their last feed prior to heading up the Fraser River. This is a vast area from the Bell Bouy off of Pt. Grey in Vancouver all the way down to Sandheads in Steveston. We are in contact with our network of guides to ensure that we a taking our guests to the right spot.
We still have openings from the last week of August through the end of September. Give us a call or send an email and we can help you book a trip.
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July 26 Vancouver Fishing Report

The past three weeks have been all over the place in terms of results. We have had some great chinook fishing off of Gabriola Island (60 minutes from downtown Vancouver). One trip resulted in 3 over 20 pounds.Other days have been quite. Most days we are also catching coho over there as well. There is lots of feed on both sides of the Straight of Georgia. So moving around and finding where salmon are feeding is key to getting results. Lately I’ve been giving a spot an hour to see how the fishing is. If nothing happens we either pick up and move or keep trolling to new areas.

20, 21 & 23 pound Chinook Salmon
20, 21 & 23 pound Chinook Salmon Caught July 19 off of Gabriola Island.

On the Vancouver side chinook fishing is still early and the coho fishing has been at times spectacular and other times really quiet. The south end of Bowen Island continues to be our most consistent fishing. On one trip we hooked 20 coho in two hours. There has been a lot more food fish like anchovies than in the past and this has the effect of either spreading the fish out or concentrating them in a specific area. On the Vancouver side of the straight we are starting to see some decent size fish in the 20 pound range arriving. The chinook fishing will continue to improve as the majority of the migrating fish arrive from early August through mid September.

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